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Copyright © 2002 by Joe Freeman. All rights reserved.
Can You Do It?
You are thinking about changing jobs, your career or even moving to new a new city. Perhaps you are even in the middle of making a change in your relationship. You are sure you have made the right decision, but those pesky butterflies are churning in your stomach. You begin to question your own judgment. You start asking yourself ‘can I do this’?
It is not uncommon to question your decisions, especially when these decisions may create some potential life changing situations. The only danger to questioning yourself is that you may be tempted to give in to these feelings, back away from the change, or give up on something you really want. This happens when we devalue our own ability to make a decision, have a fear of failure or accept advice from the wrong people.
It doesn’t have to be that way. You can make decisions, big and small. You can even question those decisions later. You have the ability to look at the facts, weigh your options and choose the direction you think is best for you at this time. Dr. Robert Schuller says to ‘make decisions with your head and your heart will follow’. Could you ever be wrong? Of course it is possible. But you can’t let that stop you. A wrong decision is better than no decision at all. If you decide not to make changes in your life because of the above factors, you will be left with a ‘what if’ question for the rest of your life.

Can you do it? The answer is ‘of course you can’!

- Joe Freeman
Progress always involves risk;
 you can't steal second base
 and keep your foot on first.
 Fredrick Wilcox

While one person hesitates
 Because he feels inferior,
 the other is busy making mistakes
 and becoming superior.
You can do anything you think you can.
 This knowledge is literally the gift of the gods,
 for through it you can solve every human problem.
 It should make of you an incurable optimist.
 It is the open door.