Are You Ready?
Are you Afraid? 
Are You All That You Can Be?
Are You Stalled?
Are you Disappointed?
What Have You Been Told?
Learn Anything Today?
What Do You Need?
Do You Make Enough?
Are you Hanging n There?
Tired of Waiting?
What Do You Think?
What's Important?
Can You Take It?
Must You Be Right?
Do You Have It?
Are You Too Familiar?
Is This A Good Time?
Are You Experiencing Life?
Are You Willing To Change?
So You Think You Are Not Blessed?
You Call Them Friends?
How's Your Timing?
What Do You Expect?
Why Weren't You Promoted?
Have You Lost Your Job?
How Does It Feel?
Where Did It Go?
Would You Do It Again?
What Are Your Values?
What Is Going To Happen Today?
How Much Does It Cost?
What Now?
How Many Excuses Do You Have?
Who Are You?
How Do You Feel Today?
Feeling A little Sad?
Who Is Your Critic?
How Do You Cope?
Why Do You Care?
Does Marriage Have To Be Hard Work?
How Do You Feel?
Copyright 2002 by Joe Freeman. All rights reserved.
The Web Sage
Thank You For Loving Me Today
Not A Poem
The Blood of our Young
Don't Weep For Me
Hello Lord
Survive or Thrive?
What's Holding You Back?
Do You Have A Code?
Who's Walking The Dog?
Can You Do It?
Who's Advising You?
Is That You?
What's On Your Mind?
Are Your Wounds Healing?
How Powerful Is The Mind?
Could Your Troubles Really Be Blessings?
How Do You Define Happiness?
Is Your Baggage Getting Heavy?
What Are You Getting?
Do You Feel Like Quitting?
Are Your Bags Packed?
Do You Shoot The Messenger?
Can You Hear Me?
Can You See Me?
Whose Fault Is It?
Are You Prepared?