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Copyright 2002 by Joe Freeman. All rights reserved.
Could Your Troubles Really Be Blessings?
You have heard the old sayings, 'everything always works out in the end', or 'every cloud has a silver lining', or 'it always darkest just before dawn'. You have probably used some of these old sayings yourself when talking to someone who is feeling depressed or miserable. When you use one of these old sayings, you are probably just trying to cheer them up. But what you are really doing is trying to get them to shift their focus from today's problems and look to the future, where there is hope for everyone!
Have you ever lost your job, gone through an agonizing time of worry and depression, and then found a better job? A 'better job' can be defined as more fulfilling, friendlier co-workers, more possibilities for advancement, and possibly more salary. Was it luck or was it a blessing?

The question is - 'Would you have made that change on your own if you had not lost your current job?' Would you have willingly gone looking for that 'better job'? Many times we get stuck in what's safe and comfortable for us. We become unwilling to venture out of that comfort zone until we are forced to do so.
Are you currently in the midst of a crisis, having problems in your life? Are you hopeful about the future or just angry about the present? There are some troubles that are not easy to overcome, such as the death of a loved one.

Examine what is going on in your life and look to the future. There may be a way to use this problem to bring about a blessing that will benefit you and the people around you for a lifetime.

If you don't learn to laugh at troubles,
 you won't have anything to laugh at
 when you grow old.

Reflect on your present blessings,
 of which every man has many;
 not on your past misfortunes,
 of which all men have some.

If you will call your troubles experiences,
 and remember that every experience
 develops some latent force within you,
 you will grow vigorous and happy,
 however adverse your circumstances may seem to be.